Our school

The school organization
The school was founded by Mrs. Jitka Taussikova, newly opened as Private Secondary school as a new facility of education in our region. In 1997 the school became a legal entity which is called company of benefit to the public [according to the law 248/1995]. Since 2001 schoolname changed to Secondary and Vocational school because of new offer of the studies. This kind of school is led by the directorate. Members of the directorate are parents of the school students or graduates. Control body of the school is the supervisory body.
Almost 200 students now attend a total of nine classes in six and four-year courses. The capacity of the school is 240 students.
It is also possible to study eight-year course and technical studies, but they aren’t opened this time.

The site
Since its beginning the school has been using the building from year 1908, Komenskeho street 240 and a building from year 1903, 9. kvetna street. The buildings have been owned by the Rajec-Jestrebi town authority and they are leased for long-years term. The school costs are paid by the state grants and school fees. The town Rajec-Jestrebi is situated on the way Brno-Ceska Trebova [trains] and Boskovice-Blansko [bus routes].

The aims
The school offers informal attitude to students and colourful choice from wide range of disciplines. Smaller class sizes enable individual ways of engaging with students to take place.  A well thought out system of assessing students is based on the evaluation of tests and course work and this system is highly stimulating and motivating, is precise and provides channels for positive appraisal even in cases of failure.
The relationship of teachers and students is based on individual ways and respect. The atmosphere of this is not stressful and is producing better study results.

Profile of the graduate
Graduate of our school has got:
- good common basement for studying universities
- thanks to the choice of many disciplines is able to lifelong education and is able to find a good job

University entrance exams successes of the graduates
Successes of our graduates testify to our educational quality. Last year 88,3 % students passed the exams.

Organizational information
We prefer students who want to learn new, surpass prolems and who are talented. We place emhasis on knowledge, results from grammar scholl and study possibilities. Usual terms of entrance exams are proclaimed according to Ministry of education’s notice.
The school is paid and the amount of fees is set by the directorate. Study of this school is finished with final exams.
The school is opened for all and anytime after a phone agreement.

What can we offer to students and their parents?
The school has got well thought-out system of assesing students, it is based on the evaluation of tests and course work. Test marks and ongoing performance are given as percentages and supplemented with verbal evaluation. Parents and students are informed about marks by internet application. Parents can react on problems.

The secondary school places a great emphasis on the study of foreign languages. Our graduates are well prepared and have good skills to get good job. Students are enabled to continue studying languages chosen at grammar school. Next to English which is the main language, they can choose from French, Italian, Russian an Spanish. They can choose another language or Latin in the third class.
To give special advice, you can use an educational consultant and a school precaution methodist.

The school has got own gymnasium which is used for members of a sport club and rent for public. Sports facility offers volleyball pitch, soccer pitch, table-tennis and athletics facilities. There was built a bouldering wall in the gymnasium. You can also use spinning centre with 17 bicycles.


Every year
Students can choose from wide range of school activities, regular or occasional. The school offers sporting and cultural possibilities for all.
First formers of six and for-year courses participate in professional adaptation trip. The aim of this three-days action is to know each other, to make good relations among students and a class teacher and to make friendly team atmosphere in the class.
Every year the school organizes ski-courses with snowboard training. Students in the third forms can go to Prague-educational trip. Regular thing is also language course in Great Britain.

Our school organizes regular theatregiong and filmgoing. Interesting animation of education are chats with interesting people, who belong to notable people in their subject. Scandinavian circle learns students about history and culture of Norhern Europe.
Our school arranges favourite trips abroad, in a project “Know metropolises of EU”. The last days of the school year are spent by most students not at their desks, but in the open air. The programme is planned
by the teachers and students can choose according to
their interest. For older students in very interesting facility to choose from the sporting activities – for example hiking, cycling or boat trip.

Project “Abroad”
In 2006/07 project “From Czechland to Spain” was carried out. In this project 12 days-long trip to Spain was made.
Project named “We conquer Scandinavia with language aspects” was realized at the end of 2007/08. It was an educational trip. Students met tzpical countries of Northern Europe. They knew their fauna and flora, saw interesting places, capital cities Stockholm, Oslo, Kobenhaven and many more.

Project Comenius/Sokrates
A concern to find new methods of working and new ways of engaging with students in today’s hectic world contributed to our working on the Socrates project. Our aim is not only the exchange of experience among teachers of the participating scholls, but above all the intention of freeing students from the world of virtual reality into which they are drawn more and more deeply and of showing them that the world around them has authentic scenes, flavours, colours and tastes of its own which no medium can convey to them. One of the methods has been excursions to special trees which proved so successful that it resulted in very attractive mobile            
exhibition, which received great public interest.

In 2007/2008 was started the cooperation with Lithuanian high school in Birzai. This poject was called “Heute wie einst lange her” and its theme is to describe traditions, cultural traditions and habits of our region and region of our partners.

The Veronica foundation
In 2006 our school got a grant from foundation Veronica Brno for a project called – Natura – the school in my garden. The project guranted a landscaping of the area in front of our school. The students projected landscaping and planting with suitable plants. The “Tree” callendar was awarded by Foundation Veronica prize.

The literary almanac
Students of our school produce annual almanac of poetry and prose. The texts inside are produced in literary lessons and in our student’s free time. The jury of literary exhibition called Halasuv Kunstat was interested in our student’s work.

Our school is well known because  of  exhibitions. For
instance exhibition “Walking for memorable or old trees”,”Old houses”,”Rajec memories” or “Walking for beauties of Moravian Karst”. Exhibitions of fine art work of our students have very long tradition. Works are put on diplay in thematically arranged exhibitions. Students can try out new approaches ways of expressing themselves, and their perceptions and impact on their surroundings.

Monuments and nature surroundings of our school
The site of our school is famous for its historical monument-chateau. In 1756 the Rajec Chateau burnt out and soon after [in 1763] the Roggendorfs sold the Rajec estate of the Salm’s house. The first Salm of Rajec was Antonin Karel [1728 – 1769]. Between 1763 – 1769 the Salms had the classicist chateau of the French styl built. We can admire it nowadays.
Other well/known tourist areas are chateaus in Lysice, Kunstat or significant empire chateau in Boskovice. Boskovice can also offer large ruins of castle or Jewish town with renewed synagogue and cemetery.

Industrial heritage of our district is also important. Ironworker´s tradition is more than 2 thousand years old. The biggest development of ironworking in our district began in 18th and 19th centuries. Visitors can see many sights and monuments dedicated to this industry. For example Salm´s iron works – Klamovka or the oldest extant iron works in central Europe near Adamov.

Our region is considered to be one of the healthiest in the Czech Republic. Air is without industrial exhalation and smog. Countryside is woody and hilly with a lot of facilities for inhabitants and visitors [facilities for relaxing-hiking, cycling…].

Our school lies in grateful and a bliss to an eye nature suitable for turists. The most beautiful of all is Moravian Karst, which is outstanding for its great decorations, caves, stalactites etc. Some of the caves are accesible for public - for instance world-known Punkva caves with a romantic boat ride along the subterranean river Punkva. Sloupsko-Sosuvske caves with a cave called Kulna which is famous dig, or Macocha gorge, 138m deep. The caves are also used in the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract speleotherapy.

Rajec-Jestrebi has got 4000 inhabitants, it is a home town of our school with long and rich history. The oldest written record dates back to 1131 in a document of Jindrich Zdik [1080-1150] – bishop of Olomouc. The town is situated in  the South Moravian district – about 30 km from the regional centre Brno [450 000 inhabitants]. All needs of the inhabitants are here – medical care, shops, sport facilities and cultural possibilities.

Brno – Blansko – Rájec-Jestřebí                   35 km
Brno – Černá Hora – Rájec-Jestřebí              31 km
Boskovice – Rájec-Jestřebí                          12 km
Blansko – Rájec-Jestřebí                               8 km

(mezinárodní koridor Berlín - Vídeň)
Brno – Blansko – Rájec-Jestřebí                   30 km
Praha – Česká Třebová – Rájec-Jestřebí     220 km

Brno – Černá Hora – Rájec-Jestřebí              31 km


Gymnázium a Střední odborná škola Rájec-Jestřebí, o. p. s.
Komenského 240, 679 02 Rájec-Jestřebí
Tel.: +420 516 432 181
Mob.: +420 603 588 369
Building in Jestřebí – mob.:+ 420 731 495 622


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